Juvenile Division

The Juvenile Division of the Taylor County District Attorney’s office prosecutes crimes committed by youth offenders of at least 10 of age but less than 17 year old at the time of the commission of the offense. The crimes range from class B misdemeanors to Capital Murder. Although we seek to protect the public by rehabilitating the juvenile offenders through various programs offered in the Taylor County community we do not hesitate to seek confinement in the Texas Juvenile Justice Department or even certification as an adult for the repeat or more serious offenders. The juvenile prosecutors review cases referred from local law enforcement agencies in an effort to protect the public, to punish criminal acts and to emphasize the accountability and responsibility of both the parent and the child for the child’s conduct. Texas law requires juvenile prosecutors to place children who are in need of redirection and rehabilitation into programs and services that will lead them down the path to becoming productive citizens and control the commission of unlawful acts by children. Unlike the adult criminal justice system, which is generally punitive in nature, the focus in the juvenile justice system is on the specific rehabilitative needs of the juvenile offender along with the need to protect the public.

Zach Gore
Chief Prosecutor

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