District Clerk

Mission Statement

To provide a professional and friendly attitude with a high level of quality service to the citizens of Taylor County and to all those who utilize our office.

About the District Clerk

The District Clerk is an individual elected by the qualified voters of the county and serves for a four year term. If the office is vacated, the District Judges have the authority to appoint a person who shall hold office until it can be filled by election.


The elected District Clerk is a registrar, recorder, and custodian of all court documents that are a part of any cause of action and is responsible for the security of those records. The District Clerk is also responsible for docketing, indexing, recording, collecting fees, fines, and court cost and managing all funds held in litigation and perform other duties as imposed by statute. Art. 5, Section 9 and 20-Texas Constitution.

Jury Selection

The District Clerk’s office is also responsible for the jury selection processes. In Taylor County, the District Clerk’s office has set up a jury assembly room to deal with the day-to-day workings of petit and grand jury selection (petit jurors serve in Justice of the Peace Courts, County Courts, and District Courts). This includes overseeing the arrangement of a petit jury or grand jury, the selection of names for a petit jury or grand jury, and the payment of jurors.

Vital Statistics

The District Clerk is also responsible for collecting and reporting data to local and state agencies such as:

  • County Treasurer
  • County Auditor
  • Voter Registration
  • District Attorney
  • 11th Court of Appeals, Eastland, TX
  • Court of Criminal Appeals, Austin, TX
  • Office of Court Administration
  • Texas State Comptroller of Public Accounts

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