Mission & Disclaimer

Mission Statement

Establishment of a County Law Library is provided for by law, Vernon’s Texas Codes Annotated, Local Government Code §323.021. The objective of the Taylor County Law Library is to provide a reference-only (publications cannot be checked out) research facility, which is supplied by major primary and secondary legal texts. It is our goal to support the practice and understanding of the law to county and court personnel and the public by providing access to the most relevant federal and state resources. We accomplish that objective by an inventory of pertinent legal texts and access to computer-assisted legal research. 

Disclaimer Notice

This directory / web site tries to contain information that will be helpful. Information available at or through these sources is provided for information purposes only and does not, in any way, constitute legal advice, recommendations, or interpretation. Due to the constantly changing nature of the law, and the fact that the law library’s reliance on information compiled and provided by outside sources, we do not make any warranties or guaranties concerning the accuracy, reliability, relevance, currency, or completeness of this directory and/or information obtained at this site. This directory is only updated intermittently and may contain outdated information. Always check with the librarian for current content of the library. You may not copy and distribute any information found on this web site without Taylor’s County’s permission.