Twogether in Texas Program

Excerpt from Texas Family Code

Sec 2.013: Each person applying for a marriage license is encouraged to attend a premarital education course of at least eight hours during the past 12 months preceding the date of the application for the license. A premarital education course must include instruction in:
  • Conflict management
  • Communication skills
  • Key components of a successful marriage


A course under this section should be offered by instructors trained in skills-based and research-based marriage preparation curricula. The following individuals and organizations may provide courses:
  • Marriage educators
  • Clergy or their designees
  • Licensed mental health professionals
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Community-based organizations


The curriculum of a premarital education course must meet the requirements of Texas Law and provide the skills-based and research-based curricula of:
  • The United States Department of Health and Human Services healthy marriage initiative
  • The National Healthy Marriage Resource Center
  • Criteria developed by the Health and Human Services Commission
  • Other similar resources.


A person who provides a premarital education course shall provide a signed and dated completion certificate to each individual who completes the course. The certificate must include the information below
  • The letter or certificate must be an original. If it’s a letter, it must be on your organization’s official letterhead. For audit purposes a copy will be made for our records. If the couple has an official Twogether in Texas certificate, a copy is not necessary and the information below is not necessary.
  • The name found on the letter or certificate must match the names as listed on the couple’s identification and the certificate or letter. We require proof of identification for all who apply for a marriage license. These requirements are designed to help avoid identity theft.
  • The letter or certificate must include the name and address of the organization or church providing the training.
  • The letter or certificate must state that the instructor or the organization certifies the training meets or exceeds state requirements found in the Texas Family Code §2.013. The statute authorizing the fee reduction includes training topics, time standards and other requirements.
  • The letter or certificate must have an original signature which attests to the fact that the course meets the statutory requirements. We can not accept signatures from interns or students. The signature must come from a pastor, counselor, supervisor, manager, department head, etc.
  • The letter or certificate must include the name of the person conducting the course.
  • The letter or certificate must include the date of completion of the training and cannot be more than a year since the couple completed the course.
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