Search Probate

We must have a cause (case) number to refer to, so if you do not have the cause number, go to Search Probate and Guardianship records by clicking here and search by the decedent’s name. All probates filed in Taylor County are listed. If the name you are searching for does not appear, we do not have a probate case by that name. When you do find the name you are searching for, you will be able to see a list of all documents filed within the case.

You can contact our office by phone (325-674-1202) or email at giving the cause number and the title of documents you will need copies of and we will let you know the total number of pages.

You will then mail us a written request along with the fee to obtain copies. Plain copies are $1.00 per page and if you need them certified, add $5.00 to the total number of pages. You may send a personal check or a money order. We do not take debit/credit cards for probate copies over the phone or through the mail. We do, however take them if you come into our office. A self-addressed stamped envelope would be greatly appreciated.

Most requests are processed on the same day the written request and payment is received.