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The Appellate Division of the Taylor County Criminal District Attorney's Office represents the State of Texas in all direct appeals of felony convictions in the 42nd, 104th, and 350th District Courts of Taylor County, as well as all misdemeanor convictions from Taylor County Courts at Law 1 and 2. The Appellate Division is also responsible for appeals by the State in cases in which the trial court has granted a pretrial motion to suppress, quashed the indictment charging the defendant with an offense, or granted a new trial. Additionally, the office is responsible for civil appeals from the 326th District Court in cases where parental rights have been terminated due to abuse or neglect, as well as civil forfeiture cases involving the seizure of contraband, assets, or proceeds of a crime.

Appeals are decided by the fourteen appellate courts of the State; appeals from Taylor County courts are heard by the 11th Court of Appeals in Eastland, Texas, and occasionally other courts of appeal by assignment. The Appellate Division argues before the court of appeals in written briefs and appears for oral argument on the briefs when requested to do so by the court. After the courts of appeal issue an opinion in a case, either party may seek further review of the decision. Further appeals of criminal cases are heard by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, and further appeals in termination and other civil cases are heard by the Supreme Court of Texas. In addition to appeals, the Appellate Division assists trial prosecutors regarding questions of procedural and substantive law that may arise during investigation or trial.

Britt Lindsey

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