How to Apply for a Protective Order

Who is eligible for Protective Orders?

            Family members related by blood or marriage.

            People in dating relationships.

            Household members.

            Victims of sexual assault or abuse, stalking & human trafficking.

Types of Protective Orders this office can assist you with:

            Temporary Ex Parte Order

Family Violence Protective Order – Applicant must show that family violence has occurred and is likely to occur in the future.

            Sexual Assault Protective Order       

How can a Protective Order help? An Order prohibits the respondent from:  

            Committing family violence.

Communicating in a threatening or harassing manner with a family or household member.

            Going near a victim’s residence and place of employment.

            Going near childcare and school facilities.


            Possessing a firearm.

A person applying for a Protective Order may:

Personally submit their request to the District Attorney’s Office or hire a private attorney to act on his/her behalf. 

Application is available by clicking on the corresponding form below or by coming to the District Attorney’s Office at 300 Oak Street, Suite 300, Abilene, Texas 79602.     

            Complete application and submit to our office in person or by mail.

Protective Order Application

What to expect after submitting an application:

An Assistant District Attorney will call you and make an appointment for an interview if necessary.

Our office will prepare the Application for Protective Order, Temporary Ex Parte Order (if necessary), and set a hearing with the Court.

            The respondent will be served by the Sheriff’s Office prior to the hearing.

At the hearing the Judge will either approve the Protective Order or will dismiss the case. (You will be required to attend the hearing.)

Our office will prepare the final Protective Order and file with the Court and police agencies.

Once the final Protective Order Hearing is concluded, this office no longer represents you in any capacity.  You must contact the Police Department if the terms of the Order are violated.

If you have any questions, please call our office at (325) 677-1786.