Cattle Brands

Beginning August 31, 2021 all Livestock Marks and Brands will have to be rerecorded.  The renewal period is August 31, 2021 through February 28, 2022.   Once renewed the brands will not expire for ten years which will be August 31, 2031 through February 28, 2032.

If you do not renew your brand at the County Clerk’s office during the rerecording period of August 31, 2021 through February 28, 2022 another person can register your brand under their name.


If you have inherited an existing brand and haven’t registered the transfer in the County Clerk’s office you will need to bring written proof of the transfer.  A written statement that has been notarized or witnessed according to law by the person giving the brand.  A WILL is a valid document for brand transfer when the WILL specifically mentions the brand OR transfers the ranch or cattle operation.


If you allowed your brand to expire during the renewal period of August 31, 2011 through February 29, 2012 and no one has registered it since, you can register the brand as if it was a new one.


The cost to register is $26.00 for one brand in one location.  If you want to register the brand for more than one location the cost will go up by $5.00 per location.  The total number of locations is 23.  The cost for all locations is $136.00


The law is specific in determining which brand/ownership is authentic:  


Texas Agriculture Code: Sec. 144.043. EFFECT OF RECORDING.  (a)  Any dispute about an earmark or brand shall be decided by reference to the mark and brand records of the county clerk, and the mark or brand of the oldest date prevails.


Want to check to see if your brand has been registered?  Click Here


There are three ways to record your brand in the County Clerk’s office.  


  1. The link above is to the County Clerk’s web site.  There you will find a form.  You can complete the form online and afterwards we will call you.  You must come into the office to draw the brand, sign and pay.

  2. Use the link above to fill out the online form, print it out, draw the brand and have your signature notarized.  Then mail the application along with your payment to our office.  If there is a question we can call you.

  3. Come into the office, you can complete the application on our public computers, we will print it out, you will draw the brand, sign and make your payment.