Payment Plans

About Payment Plans

Payment plans may be available for outstanding restitution, fines, and fees after financial assessments and evaluations are completed. After a plea with the appropriate court, a payment plan agreement and the support necessary to assist each person in successfully paying fines and fees owed to the county will be provided. A payment plan application may be accessed from this website. The application must be thoroughly completed including all area codes and phone numbers. Once completed and submitted it will be emailed to the appropriate department and a representative will contact you within 24 hours to set up a payment plan.

Payment Types

Credit card payments may be made online or by calling 1 866-549-1010. Please note that the Taylor County District Clerk does NOT accept credit card payments.

Note: You may apply to perform Community Service IF you DO NOT have the ability to pay.


To request a payment plan you are required to
  • Provide a state issued identification card / driver’s license
  • Complete a financial form (Subject to verification)
An interview will be conducted based on the information obtained on your financial form to determine eligibility to pay. The amount of payment and due dates will be determined by the appropriate department.

Additional Time

It is YOUR responsibility to notify the appropriate department if you are unable to pay within the time allowed.

If the request for additional time to pay is granted, the $25 “Time Payment” fee will be assessed as required by state law. Per Chapter 51 of the Texas Government Code, a $25 “Time Payment” fee is added to each violation when granted an extension to pay which exceeds 30 days.

If any portion of the fines, fees, and costs is paid after the 31st day from the date of judgment, the $25 “Time Payment” fee must be added as required by law.