Emergency Mgmt. & Environmental Enforcement

Mission Statement

  • To protect lives and save property by preparing and implementing an official plan for Taylor County, regarding disaster responses, mitigation, and cleanup.
  • Increasing training opportunities, and continuing the process of making the community disaster resistant by ensuring a high level of readiness for emergency or disaster response for Taylor County, working in conjunction with the City of Abilene.

Government Duties

  • The mayor of each incorporated municipality and the county judge of each county is designated as the Emergency Management Director for each such political subdivision.
  • As the governor’s designated agents, the mayor and county judge may exercise the powers, on an appropriate local scale, granted the governor by the Texas Disaster Act of 1975.
  • The mayor and county judge may designate an Emergency Management Coordinator (EMC) to serve as an assistant to the presiding officer of the political subdivision for emergency management purposes.