Environmental Department

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Duties & Responsibilities

 Regulate State Of Texas On-Site Sewage Facility Laws Within Taylor County 

  • All facilities in Taylor county require an on-site sewage facility permit. This includes repairs, alterations, or additions to existing systems, as well as installation of new systems.

Complaint Enforcement For Failed On-Site Sewage Facilities Within Taylor County

  • It is a violation of state law to discharge sewage onto the ground. Complaints of this nature are investigated, evaluated and must be resolved in accordance with current state law. Often times this compliance is accomplished by installing a new permitted sewage disposal system.

Open Record Requests

  • All requests for Information are required to be submitted in writing by the Texas Public Information Act. This can be done by mail, fax, or email.
  • To facilitate getting the information to you as quickly as possible, please include the following information in your request(s):
  • Your Contact information

                   • Title, First and Last name

                   • Company Name

                   • Phone number where you can be reached

  • Information being requested

                   • Address of the property (street number, street name, city)


Floodplain Administration For All Development In Unincorporated Areas Of Taylor County 

  • Regulate and issue development permits
  • Floodplain development permits are required for houses, mobile homes, buildings and other structures.

Enforcement Of County Order Regulating Sexually Oriented Businesses In Unincorporated Areas Of Taylor County 

  • Responsible for licensing and regulation of sexually oriented businesses in Taylor county