Duties & Responsibilities
It is the duty of this department to furnish supplies, equipment, and services, when needed, to the various county departments. This duty is conducted within acceptable quality standards and required quantities, at the best possible price. This is accomplished by standardization, competitive bidding on the basis of adequate specifications, whenever practical, and cooperative purchasing.

The purchasing department manages the purchasing processes of the County in the following ways:
  • Develops, prepares, evaluates, and presents invitations to bid as well as requests for proposals to the commissioner’s court
  • Researches, formulates, and recommends purchasing policies
  • Cooperative purchasing agreements
  • Physical inventory of fixed assets
  • Disposing of surplus and salvaged property

The purpose of Taylor County's Purchasing Department is to:
  • Provide the best service possible to all County departments in a fair and equitable manner
  • Ensure an atmosphere of equality to all vendors without regard to undue influence or political pressures
  • Protect the interests of the Taylor County taxpayers in all expenditures