Veterans’ Service Office


Taylor County
We are not employed by the Department of Veterans Affairs. We are employed by Taylor County to assist Veterans and their eligible family members to apply for their benefits. 

Texas Government Code, Title 4: Executive Branch, Subtitle C: State Military Forces and Veterans , Chapter 434:Veterans Assistance Agencies, Subchapter B: Veterans County Service Offices.


Must be a qualified veteran or surviving spouse, child, or parent of an eligible veteran.


To serve all veterans and their families with dignity and compassion by providing prompt and courteous assistance in preparing, submitting, and presenting all claims for benefits to which they may be entitled and serve as their principal advocate on veterans’ issues.


To ensure that all veterans and their families understand and receive all the benefits, support, care and recognition that the veteran has earned, by expertly administering all current programs, anticipating future needs and taking appropriate action to meet those needs.


We hold ourselves personally and professionally accountable to deliver on America’s promises to all veterans through courage, conviction, and a belief in our core values.

PROFESSIONALISM – Provide accurate and timely assistance and information with professional service.

INTEGRITY – Provide fair, honest and objective advocacy in an ethical manner while displaying the highest standard of conduct both on and off duty.

COMPASSION – Consistently demonstrate care, concern and understanding in every encounter with veterans and their families.

COMMITMENT – Fully dedicated to training and developing ourselves to become the best we can be as advocates for veterans and their families.

TEAMWORK – Everyone working together to accomplish the mission and goals of this office.