Civil cases do not deal with any criminal actions, but rather with disputes between private parties. A civil case can be defined as a personal action instituted to compel payment or the doing of some other thing. The end purpose of most civil cases is to obtain a judgment for money, but judgment is also sought to either compel or enjoin some action.

Civil Cases maintained in the County Clerk’s Office primarily deal with Bond Forfeitures on misdemeanor criminal cases, Applications for Occupational Driver’s Licenses, Civil Appeals from the Justice Court, Appeals of Driver’s License Suspension from Justice Court or Non-Disclosure cases.

Jurisdictional Limits

  • Justice of the Peace up to $20,000 (Eff. Date 09/01/2020)
  • Court at Law $500 - $250,000 (Eff. Date 09/01/2020)
  • District Court $200,000 and Up

Civil Cases filed in our office

  1. Injury/Damage
  2. Civil/Contract
  3. Occupational Driver’s License
  4. Nondisclosure
  5. Bond Forfeitures
  6. JP Appeals
  7. Condemnation

Taylor County is now mandatory for attorneys to e-file on all civil matters pursuant to Supreme Court Order 13-9092, Electronic e-filing can be done through or any other service provider.