You wish to be appointed to be the legal representative of a person by the Judge of Taylor County, Texas. This is a serious responsibility and requires specific actions on your part. You may be subject to removal as representative, as well as to civil and criminal penalties, if you do not adhere to the orders of this Court as well as the provisions of the Texas Probate code as they apply to of the person. It is not permissible for the Judge to give legal advice. You should consult with an attorney regarding any questions you may have about your duties and responsibilities. 

As guardian of the person you are required to file an Annual Report.The due date relates back to the date the Original letters of guardianship was issued. The annual report is due in the County Clerk’s Office within 2 months of the last date noted on your Letter of Guardianship. Your Annual Report form must be completed and sign before a notary. The Annual Report form is not required to be filled out or filed by an Attorney rather it should be completed by the guardian themselves.

If you are Guardian of the person and the estate you must file your Annual Report and Annual Account forms on the same day in the County Clerk’s Office. They are required to be held for 10 days before sending up to the Judge for approval. If you are filing a Payee Report rather than an Annual Account, it is also due at the same time the Annual Report is due.

The Payee report is filed along with the Annual Report when your Order states you are the Guardian of the Person and Estate, yet you have an Order Waiving Annual Accounts. The payee report is not required to be filed by an Attorney, but rather by the Guardian.

Your Annual Report form is enclosed in this packet and may be copied for future use. You may also get a copy of the form by going to our web site at you will then choose County Clerk, County Clerk Forms then Guardianship Annual Report and Order for the appropriate court your Guardianship was heard in.

If you as the guardian would like to be notified yearly of when your Reports are due, you must send us an extra self-stamped address envelope each year when you file your Annual Report. This will be filed with your renewal date and your notice will be mailed to you prior to you first anniversary date that your Guardianship was granted. (If the Ward resides at the Abilene State Supported Living Center, they will send you an Annual Report form to be completed and return to the County Clerk’s Office. (In this case there will be no need to leave the Clerk’s Office a self-address envelope.) It is of utmost importance that you do not file your Annual Reports in our office until after the Guardianship granted date of the Month and day. At the same time it must be filed within 2 months of this date.