Juvenile Justice Center

Mission Statement

Respect for Individuals

We treat each other with respect, professionalism, compassion and dignity, valuing individual and cultural differences.  Our communication is open, frequent and candid.  We genuinely listen to each other.  Recognizing that exceptional quality of services begins with the people within our agency, we empower individuals to maximize their capabilities in order to meet the needs of the children and families we serve.  Our environment supports individual growth and continued learning of all department staff.

Dedication to Helping Children and Families

We truly care for each child and family we serve.  We dedicate ourselves to build stronger family relationships by empowering parent(s) through understanding, anticipating their needs, and providing the necessary tools for change.

Highest Standard of Integrity

We perform our duties with unfailing honesty and good, moral character.  Our personal conduct ensures the Taylor County Juvenile Justice Center is always worthy of your trust.


We believe innovation and creativity provide vitality and individual growth.  Our culture embraces creativity, seeking different perspectives and risk pursuing new techniques and opportunities.  We constantly seek to maximize our effectiveness utilizing resources in the most efficient and productive manner.


We encourage and acknowledge individual and team achievements.  In the best interest of the children and their families, we cross organizational boundaries to interact with all colleagues.  Our team spirit makes us responsible and caring partners in the communities we serve.

We are Committed to These Values to Guide Our Decisions and Behavior
We Live These Values Aspiring to Set a Standard of Excellence
We Share These Values to Inspire Children, Their Families and Our Staff