Reporting Abuse


The Taylor County Juvenile Justice Center (TCJJC) encourages families and concerned citizens to report concerns of abuse, including sexual abuse and sexual harassment, neglect and exploitation of the youth we serve.  To this end, if any person suspects a youth served by the Taylor County Juvenile Justice Center has been abused, neglected, or exploited, they can report that information to any of the following entities:


TCJJC PREA Coordinator                            (325) 691-7462

TCJJC Administration                                    (325) 691-7462

TCJJC Confidential Email                  

Taylor County Sheriff's Office                        (325) 674-1300

Noah Project of Abilene                                 (325) 676-7107

Texas Juvenile Justice Department Hotline   (877) 786-7263

For immigrant residents or non-English speaking individuals:

Department of Homeland Security OIG        (800) 323-8603

Consulate General of Mexico in Austin        (512) 478-2866

No child should suffer in silence.  Your voice may be the voice they need.

Additional information can be found at: