Social Services

About the Department

Taylor County Social Services Department is a public, tax-supported agency established for the purpose of assisting with the unmet needs of the indigent residents of Taylor County.Taylor County Social Services Department's mission is to strengthen the community, protect the vulnerable, and empower the able by providing case management services and financial assistance to those who meet established policies and guidelines. This department is responsible for:
  • Operation of the Taylor County Indigent Health Care Program - All persons meeting income, residency, resource and household guidelines may apply for reduced cost in prescription medications and healthcare services.
  • Coordination with other state and federal social programs related to Taylor County residents' needs - This includes referrals to other agencies for housing, nutrition counseling, prenatal services and immunizations.
  • Complaints regarding social programs providers and vendors - This department monitors client complaints regarding violations of county, state, and federal contract provisions and quality of service.
  • Transitional programs to assist the unemployed, homeless, and persons living below the federal poverty level - Responsible for determining appropriate programs available locally to meet clients' needs.