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Attorney Referrals:

Taylor County does not recommend attorneys.  If you need a referral, please contact the State Bar of Texas at 800-252-9690.

The following information is provided as a free service.  Taylor County can neither recommend nor endorse any organization.

Legal Aid of Northwest Texas:

Abilene - 800-933-8591   Main Office - 888-529-5277

Disability Rights Texas:

Lubbock - 800-880-4456   Main Office - 800-252-9108

Catholic Charities of Dallas Immigration and Legal Services:

Main Office - 214-634-7182

Equal Justice Center - DACA

Main Office - 888-670-6854

Equal Justice Center - Employment

Main Office - 800-853-4058

Noah Project, Inc.

 Main Office  325-676-7107   

Abilene  800-444-3551  

Facility Victim Program and Legal Headlines for Texans   800-622-2520  

 Health Law Program - 866-979-4343

Abilene Public Library  325-677-2474

American Civil Liberties Union of Texas (ACLU)   713-942-8146

Texas Advocacy Program   512-476-5377

Attorney Grievance Info/Client Attorney Asst. Program   800-932-1900

Operation Enduring LAMP (legal assistance for veterans)   800-204-2222

Veterans Legal Assistance Project   800-622-2520

The People's Lawyer   713-743-2100

Texas Law Help

Texas State Law Library