Preparing Legal Documents

Legal Requirement

Per Government Code 81.01, “The Taylor County Administration office cannot give advice or give any service requiring the use of legal skill or knowledge such as providing or preparing any legal document or court document.”


You may either contact an attorney or do your own research to conduct legal matters in areas such as probate, guardianship, civil suits, misdemeanor cases, preparing deeds, a power of attorney, affidavits of heirship or any document to be filed in the Official Public Records.

Legal Advice Resources

If you seek legal advice and do not wish to hire an attorney, you may utilize any of the following resources:
  • Legal Aide of West Texas
    500 Chestnut
    Suite 901 (located in the Enterprise Building)
    Ph: 325-677-8591
  • The Law Library located on the 3rd floor of the Taylor County Courthouse outside the west elevator
  • Texas Law Help Online
  • Office supply businesses often carry a variety of legal forms and internet searches can provide others.
  • If you decide to hire an attorney but need assistance in selecting one, please call the Texas State Bar Lawyer Referral at 800-204-2222
  • If you choose to prepare your own legal forms, please be aware that the staff in this office cannot instruct you how to complete the forms nor can the staff in this office check for correctness of the completion of the forms. Documents to be filed in Official Public Records will be recorded if they meet State of Texas legal recording requirements. All documents for court or judicial process will be placed in the case file for the judge’s consideration.