Family Records

Searching Family Records

You can Search our records online for cases filed after September 1994. If you are searching for a record before September 1994 you may search in person, in our office or mail a records request form or a letter explaining what records you want to:
Taylor County District Clerk's Office
300 Oak St, Suite 400
Abilene, TX 79602

To obtain copies of court records you must have the following information:
Case Number – Without a case number you will be charged a $5 records research fee and we charge $1.00 a page for copies.

You may request copies and pay for the copies through your Efiling Service Provider, as well.

For copies of sealed records, we require an Application for Release of Sealed Records to be Signed by the Judge before those records can be released. We charge a $15.00 fee to unseal the file and $1.00 per page for copies.