EFiling in Criminal

Criminal Efiling is now mandatory due to Order from the Criminal Court of Appeals Misc. Docket # 16-003

Office Policy regarding Criminal EFiling

  • Each Envelope may contain as many lead documents as needed
  • All orders must be sent as lead documents in a separate envelope
  • You may include multiple orders inside an envelope for signing. (For example: You may not know if the court is going to set your motion for a hearing or just sign an order. You may include both in the envelope that is forward to the judge and we will accept the one that is filed and return the one he did not sign.)
  • Application for Subpoenas can be e-served back to attorney or sent to Sheriff's office for Service.  Please mark on application where you would like service sent. 
  • Ex-Parte filings may be brought into office for filing. 

Other Information Regarding Efiling

  • Refunds will not be given after June 1, 2015 due to filer error.
  • Please read all notes related to a returned filing. We will always send a note regarding the reason the document(s) are being returned for correction.
  • We do have a public kiosk for efiling located on the 1st floor in the Jury Assembly Room.

If you have an further questions, you may call Tammy Robinson or Samantha Miller at 325-674-1316.