Zika Control

Click on the links below to view new publications on Zika and mosquito management:

Zika Precautions for Women (ENTO-053) is a new publication outlining the most important steps women can take to protect themselves and their unborn children from Zika.  Protecting women is the top priority for public health agencies this summer.
What Texans Need to Know About Zika Virus (ENTO-052) General information about Zika, what causes it, whether you should be worried, and how to stop it. 

Mosquitoes and the Diseases they Transmit (ENTO-040) Provides an overview of all important disease carrying mosquitoes in Texas.  Revised in 2016. 
Buzz Off (ENTO-055) A short reminder of the 4-Ds, the four ways to avoid mosquito bites.  A quick safety reminder for yourself, friends and family.
Do-it-yourself Backyard Mosquito Control (ENTO-054)  An overview of all the mosquito control options available to you as a consumer.  Advantages and disadvantages–what we know and don’t know about the many products out there.  (Spoiler alert: don’t buy bug zappers)