Courthouse Security

About Courthouse Security

The public can only enter the Courthouse through the southwest doors. All other doors are for exiting only, and are closely monitored by deputies of the Taylor County Sheriff's Office, who serve as Courthouse Security.

Citizens are not allowed to bring any weapons (including any edged or pointed items) into the courthouse, and are asked to limit the amount of metal they carry so that passing through the metal-detector will be a smooth process. Anyone found to be in possession of a legal weapon or other sharp item will have the opportunity to return it to their vehicle (courthouse security will not hold items for the public to retrieve upon exiting), or surrender it to the officer for destruction. Possession of any illegal weapons or contraband will result in arrest. 

The upper floors of the courthouse are closed to the public, from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm, Monday - Friday. The County Clerk's Office is the only department that remains open during the noon hour. The courthouse is closed each weekend.

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More Information

Anyone who has questions or concerns about Courthouse Security you can call 325-674-1300 or Email the Sheriff's Office.