In Memoriam

In Memory of Their Service And Sacrifice

Each May, Officers from across the nation travel to Washington DC to ride in the 300-mile “Police Unity Tour.” The tour was begun in the 1990s as a fundraiser and to honor the memory of officers killed in the line of duty. We remember the following officers and support staff employees, for their service to Taylor County:

Walter Collins

Walter Collins, (Killed In The Line of Duty)
January 8, 1884.

Charles Wade Willis

Charles Wade Willis (Killed In The Line of Duty) February 12, 1942.

John W. Middleton

Sheriff John W. Middleton, died September 21, 1991.

Jack Davis Landrum

Sheriff Jack Davis Landrum, died August 4, 2008.

Amanda Neely

Amanda Neely,9-1-1 dispatcher, died July 31, 2008.

Kay Seals

Corrections Officer Kay Seals, died August 28, 2009.

Barbara Stanley

Deputy Sheriff Barbara Stanley, died February 6, 2011.

Leon Howard

Deputy Sheriff Leon Howard, died January 24, 2012.