Risk Management

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MissionRisk Management

The mission of the risk management department is to identify and manage all risks associated with the operation of county government by the most cost effective methods available in order to insure the lowest possible tax rate for the tax payers of Taylor County.


The department coordinates resolutions on claims filed against the county and coordinates loss recoveries. Other responsibilities include the oversight of our self-insurance programs. Taylor County is self-insured for automobile damage and liability, worker's compensation, health and dental coverage, and general liability. Traditional insurance policies are purchased to provide coverage for Taylor County's buildings and their contents and coverage to safeguard public funds collected by various departments.

Taylor County Safety

Accident Prevention

Taylor County is committed to providing a safe and healthful work environment for all our employees and others that may work, visit, or enter our facilities. The objective of our accident prevention program is to prevent accidents and minimize their consequences and to reduce the frequency and severity of injuries.

It is our policy to manage and conduct operations and business in a manner that offers maximum protection to all employees and any other person that may be affected by our operations and business.

It is our absolute conviction that we have the responsibility for providing a safe and healthful work environment for our people and all others that may be affected as we conduct our business. We will make every effort to provide a working environment that is free from any recognized or potential hazard.

We recognize that the success of our safety and health program is contingent and dependent upon support from the commissioners’ court, management, supervisors, and all employees of the county.

Loss Prevention Committee

The Taylor County Loss Prevention Committee establishes avenues to solicit and receive comments, information, and assistance from employees about safety and health. If you have any questions or concerns about employee safety and health, please contact Roseann Seelke, Risk Manager at 325-674-1221.

Taylor County Worker's Compensation

For an on-the-job injury or work related injury to be eligible for coverage under worker's compensation a written injury report must be received by the insurance carrier within 7 days.

Reporting Injuries

Employees shall report to the department head or supervisor all job-related illnesses and injuries at the time they occur, no matter how minor the injury or illness appears. Obtain applicable reporting forms under

Medical Attention and Reporting Forms (below)


It is the responsibility of the worker's compensation insurance carrier to determine if benefits are allowable. When an employee has returned from workers' compensation (workers' comp) leave, please notify Human Resources (HR) at 325-674-1220 with the return to work date. All medical report forms should also be forwarded to the HR department. Failure to provide notification to the HR department may result in rejection of claim, placing the health care expense solely onto the employee.

Medical Attention and Reporting Forms

When an on-the-job injury has occurred, a Work Related Injury Report Form (double-click on red link for form) must be filled out completely by the employee and/or their department head or supervisor and returned to the HR department within two business days after the accident.

For non-employee accidents or county vehicle accidents only, a Non Employee Accident/Incident Report Form (double-click on red link for form) must be filled out completely by the witnessing employee and/or their department head or supervisor (if a county vehicle accident) and returned to the HR department within two business days after the accident or incident.

Health care providers typically contact the HR department to verify coverage and eligibility. It is helpful therefore, if the employee's department head or supervisor notify the HR department when an employee seeks medical attention. The county may require statements of medical condition and of release to work from the attending physician.

If a prescription is needed by an injured employee, they must first contact the HR department for a "first fill" form. Pharmacies will not be able to fill the first prescription without this form.

Workers Compensation Alliance

Taylor County participates in the Political Subdivision Workers Compensation Alliance to manage the health care and treatment employees may receive if they are injured on the job. If an employee sustains an on-the-job injury or illness, he/she may seek medical attention from a health care facility or provider in the alliance network.

Choosing a health care provider from the alliance network is required in order for the cost of the medical care to be covered. In an employee’s injury is a life threatening emergency, he/she should go to the nearest emergency room. The county may require statements of medical condition and release to return to work from the attending physician.