Poll workers are the customer service face of our democracy. It is an opportunity to welcome your neighbors and ensure their voting experience is a positive one regardless of their party. If you want to see firsthand the safeguards and safety measures that protect the integrity of our elections, there is no better way than serving as a poll worker.

5 Reasons you should become a Poll Worker:

1.  There is a Poll Worker Shortage.
2.   You will be protecting democracy.
3.   You will be helping make voting easier and safer.
4.   You will learn more about the voting process.
5.   You will get paid!

Taylor County Pay Scale for Poll Workers:
     Presiding Judges  -  $15.00 per hour
     Alternate Judges  -  $14.00 per hour
     Election Clerks  -  $14.00 per hour
Mandatory Training is required for each election.  All workers will receive payment for attending training.  Training is paid at the same hourly rate as the pay rate for serving.
Applying to become a Poll Worker is easy. Simply click on the link below, print off the application, complete the application and hand-deliver to our office or mail the application to our office.

Hand Delivery:          400 Oak Street, Suite 101
                                             Abilene, TX 79602
Mail:                                  P. O. Box 3318
                                              Abilene, TX 79604